We understand that in this modern world, life is hectic – and we’re here to help.  The Orchard Academy at Camp Harmony offers several different flexible options to help accommodate families with any sort of schedule.

Normal school hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00am-3:00pm (9:00am-12:00pm for half-day students, which includes lunch).  To help families who need before and after school childcare, TOA offers our EARLY BIRDS and LATE OWLS programs.  Our Early Birds before-school program begins at 7:00am and our Late Owls runs until 6:00pm.  Both programs are available at an additional cost based on your need and registration is available upon enrollment, at any time throughout the year and on an as-needed basis for emergencies or other last-minute time conflicts (additional costs apply).


The Orchard Academy operates on a 10-month academic calendar and is closed for major holidays and vacations. For more information on how to extend your child's experience to year-round through enrollment at Camp Harmony, click here!


There's so much going on at The Orchard Academy that we can hardly keep track! To help, we send out monthly event and program calendars to our families to keep them in the loop about goings-on, school programs, parent programs and more!