Delicious Hot Lunch Served Fresh Every Day - and Included in Your Tuition!

There’s no need to pack any brown bags in the morning – enjoy that extra 15 minutes with your kids!  The Orchard Academy, taking after Camp Harmony’s long-standing reputation for good food, serves hot lunches made fresh every day!  Lunch is served family-style in our Dining Hall and includes a rotating array of delicious and healthy options.  Every meal is prepared fresh in our restaurant-grade kitchen which is directly attached to our Dining Hall. Snacks are provided and are always nutritious and filling.

Recognizing that healthy eating is a key for a student’ growth and academic successes, The Orchard Academy offers healthy menu choices.  To ensure we’re providing a suitable menu, we work with food service industry experts to find the very best options for our students.

Please note that our lunch and snack program extends to students 1 year and older. Families with children younger than 1 year will work with our staff to send in appropriate meals for your children's nutritional needs.

100% Nut Free & Allergy Aware

Because the health and safety of every one of our student is our #1 priority, The Orchard Academy is an Allergy Aware & completely Nut Free facility (including products with traces of nuts and products made in facilities that may also produce nut products).

What does it mean to be Allergy Aware?  We tirelessly examine every package of food brought into our kitchen to ensure a safe eating environment for your children.  Nothing is served at school without knowing its every ingredient.  We believe that every child, including those with food allergies, should be able to look forward to the food at their school and not be relegated to separate tables or spaces!

Life Skills Served daily

While delicious and nutritious hot lunch is an amazing feature of our school, it serves to do more than save you time in the morning. Eating together, in a traditional school lunch setting, allows for daily reinforcement of life skills. Using utensils, cleaning up after yourself, healthy eating habits, passing and sharing food, saying "please" and "thank you" - all are elements of lunch that serve to help teach our students more than just their ABCs.