We take unbelievable pride in cultivating a culture of excellence and professional collaboration with our staff.  To aid in this, we’ve collected a team of truly exceptional educators whose passion is the teaching of young children. 

Each lead teacher is a certified educator with many years both in the classroom and in the world of preschool education and/or child care.  Every single member of our staff submits themselves not only to a lengthy interview process but also to digital fingerprinting and national criminal background checks, without exception.  We require at least two references for any staff member and throughout the year all staff are constantly evaluated by our Directors.  As an area of pride, the vast majority of our staff has worked at Camp Harmony (cumulatively over 200 years) which allows for not only an honest accounting of their child care experience but also as a sign of the meaningful loyalty we build with our staff, year round.  (To learn more about how this overlap of staff benefits your children, click here!)

Educators work together in a 100% collaborative environment, building outstanding experiences for our students from start to finish.  Arts educators work hand-in-hand with classroom teachers to ensure that the curriculum for both areas overlap and that reinforcement of skills can happen throughout the day.

Staff meetings are held frequently to allow Directors and educators open lines of communication and to let the entire team share experiences, successes and areas for improvement.  Educators and Directors attend professional development workshops, classes and continuing education courses to remain up-to-date on the most current trends in early childhood education.