The Orchard Academy at Camp Harmony dedicates itself to the care, support and development of young learners based on the virtues of encouragement, play, self-discovery and social & emotional growth.  Through an academically engaging curriculum, stimulating programs, incredible staff and dynamic parent partnerships, we seek to infuse the youngest members of our community with 21st century skills, preparing them to be successful lifelong learners.  With 50 years of child care experience, Camp Harmony serves as our model for integrating the core values of summer camp – experimentation, self-exploration and relationship building – in a year-round setting to enrich the growth of our students.

Running one of New Jersey’s premier day camps makes us more than just summer camp supporters, it makes us enduring believers in the value of camp.  Research indicates that the summer camp experience creates a wide array of “mores”, showing children developing more social skills, making more friends, growing more independently, demonstrating more leadership qualities, trying more new things and maturing into more adventurous young men and women, all of which take their place in the forefront of our early learners’ educations at The Orchard Academy.

Through these principles, and the uniqueness of our 25 acre rural campus, we strive to allow our students continuous opportunities to grow through child-centric activities and an array of experiential, hands-on learning opportunities.

The Orchard Academy at Camp Harmony – come grow with us, year-round.